Management Committee

Chris Peters – President

CEO and Director Pacific Tug Group

“Australian Commercial Vessel Operators are under represented with regulators, policy makers and governments. The challenges of supporting a marine business, takes precedent over steering the future of the industry. ACVOA is there to support, represent and advocate for both DCV and RAV owners, operators and associates, who navigate the Australian commercial maritime industry.”

John Kavanagh – Secretary

Principal at Pacific Maritime Lawyers

“In an ever-changing world, ACVOA is important to give the domestic maritime industry a voice with politicians and public sector decision-makers.”

David Fethers – Treasurer

Managing Director Smit Lamnalco Australia and PNG

“ACVOA is a ‘no jeopardy’ forum for industry participants of all sizes to interact, share, learn and ultimately improve the safety outcomes and service delivery of the entire commercial vessel sector.”

Terry Dodd – Committee

Managing Director and Owner Pacific Marine Group

Mark Malone – Committee

CEO Engage Marine and Westug

“The operators of domestic commercial vessels are a vital part of the maritime, freight and port sectors of the Australia economy. AVCOA was created to bring together the common interests of these operators and give our industry a voice.”

Michael Niemann – Committee

General Manager, Marine – SeaLink Travel Group

“The harmonising of domestic regulations from 2013 has meant that for the first time Australia’s commercial vessel industry has commonality in this regard, across the country. ACVOA is needed to represent the industry in ensuring the best possible regulatory outcomes whilst promoting a prosperous future.”